Matla Stomach Cleanser 10ml Sachet

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  • Detox , Digestive Support

Regularity support;
Matla Stomach Cleanser assists your body with regularity, colon cleansing and to counter constipation.
It contains Senna.
Senna contains sennosides that assist the body to increase bowel movement.  It targets the intestinal wall and helps the body to increase muscle contractions and to affect colon cleansing.

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Each 10ml contains:

Ethyl Alcohol 90%             10%

Magnesium Sulphate     2.5g

Senna Infusion (Conc)   0.83ml

Directions for use

Using Matla Stomach Cleanser Adults and children 12 years and older:

Take 30-50ml before bedtime. Do not use for longer than 10 days. DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSAGE.

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