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  • Antioxidants , Bone, Joint & Muscle Support , Natural Supplements For Men , Organ Health , Sexual Health

Nativa Prostate Complex is a supplement with ingredients that can assist the body with general prostate function.

The active ingredients can assist the body with*:

  • Prostate health
  • Anti-inflammatory support
  • Antioxidant support
  • Swelling support

The active ingredients in the Nativa Prostate Complex are:

  • Selenium can assist the body by offering antioxidant support.
  • Zinc supports prostate health.
  • Grape seed- and pine bark extract can assist the body by offering antioxidant support.
  • Saw palmetto can assist the body to reduce inflammation.
  • Nettle can offer anti-inflammatory support.
  • Beta-sitosterol can assist the body to regulate hormone levels.
  • Lycopene can assist the body by reducing the onset of prostate cancer.

*Efficacy of support may vary between users.

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Active Ingredients: Per Capsule: Per 2 capsules (max. daily dosage): %RDA# per 2 capsules (max. daily dosage):
Serenoa spp. (Saw Palmetto) Fruit Extract (25 % Fatty acids) 100 mg 200 mg *
Urtica dioica (Nettle) leaf Extract 20:1 100 mg 200 mg *
Vitis spp. (Grape) Seed Extract (95 % Proanthocyanidins) 50 mg 100 mg *
Pinus spp. (Pine) Bark Extract 4:1 50 mg 100 mg *
Beta-sitosterol 20 mg 40 mg *
Zinc 7,5 mg 15 mg 100
Lycopene (Tomato) Extract 10 % 5 mg 10 mg *
Selenium (asAAC**) 0,03 mg 0,06 mg *

# Recommended Daily Allowance for adults and children older than 10 years.
* RDA not established
** Amino Acid Chelate

Directions for use

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
Adults 18 years and older:

Take two capsules in the evenings, after a meal, with a glass of water. Or use as directed by a medical practitioner.


  • Do not use if hypersensitivity or allergy exists towards any of the ingredients.
  • People using anticoagulants- or anti-platelet medication, such as Warfarin, should use this product with caution as grape seed extract, lycopene, pine bark extract and saw palmetto may have a blood thinning effect.

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